Oh my gosh. What an experience. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from Vikki’s healing as I’ve never tried anything like this before. Honestly - wow! Just... Wow! 

The energy that comes off Vikki while she’s performing her healing is phenomenal! She is so amazing. I had such a wonderful experience that I immediately rang my sister and told her to book in a chakra healing as well.

If you’re feeling a bit iffy or nervous about having a healing done you needn’t be worried. Vikki is awesome at making you feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to accept the healing.


I would do this again in a heartbeat.  If I could give it 10 stars out of 5 I would.


I would love to share with you all my incredible distant healing experience with Vikki .
I have fractured my spine so was unable to travel so Vikki phoned me and asked if I would be up for a Distant Healing, unsure of what to expect except that I probably would not get a great deal out of it but more than happy to oblige.
Well let me tell you how wrong I was...
Vikki over the phone asked me to get the diffuser set up with the particular oils she had chosen and she did exactly the same at her place, she then explained to me to lay on my bed and just relax and she would text me when she was done, we hung up our phones and I did exactly what she wanted me to do.

I lay there feeling very content then thought really hard about Vikki and how awesome she is and I cannot even begin to explain how I felt, it was like she was literally inside my body and I felt so so many emotions overpowering me I have never experienced something so powerful in my whole entire life. I was a blanket of sweat, thoughts moving all through me ... then it was broken by someone calling out to me and I sat up (really cranky that the person who called me had ruined my healing that I thought had only been going for 10 mins ) looking at the clock it was 11.48 I was immediately blown away as it had been 50 mins into my healing.

I sat there collected myself and went to have a shower and Vikki texted saying she was finished. I can honestly say that since the healing I feel so aligned with everything my whole body seems to be so switched on its just unexplainable. 
When I phoned Vikki that afternoon we were talking about the healing when she mentioned to me something felt disconnected at 11.48 I just felt more incredibly powerful as that was when I got disturbed. 
I cannot stress enough as to how powerful and real Seed of Life is and cannot wait for my next healing. If you aren't able to get to Vikki give this a go the only thing I recommend is that you do your best not to be interrupted such a true amazing experience.

Love, love, love it.


Thank you Vikki for giving me such a wonderful experience with my Chakra & Body Balance and Past Life Regression.

Your divine space and energy provides a caring, supportive, safe, and loving place that enabled me to fully trust and engage with the experience.

The reflective time and well needed cup of tea finished my session perfectly. I have gained a greater understanding of my journey and path as a result of our time together.

I would recommend and encourage anyone to experience your gift.


Thank you Vikki for my intuitive healing. Vikki has a unique and special gift. I was drawn to her after meeting her at a Chakra Balancing workshop with Essential Oils.

I rocked up not “knowing” what I was there to heal, but feeling there was a little piece of something within me that wasn't aligning or connecting.

In a safe and sacred place Vikki gently and graciously used Essential Oils, crystals and her sixth sense to open and support my heart and head to reconnect and invite the healing and growth process to begin. I noticed immediately after my consultation subconscious and energy blocks dispersed - and I felt so relaxed and confident in resetting my patterns to create, invite and enjoy all experiences of my life.

I have since gone from feeling frustrated and “stuck” to gaining massive momentum in all areas of my life. Thank you again Vikki for sharing your self and your gift with me!

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I myself am an energy healer and have experienced many shared Healings along with my own Self Healings I do regularly, however I wanted to identify and work through some blockages I had which were on a deeply subconscious level and could not quite put my finger on what needed to shift. I had heard of the great work Vikki does with her Healings and took the opportunity to book in a session.......WOW!!!

The sensations I felt not only in my chakras but also the zoned meridians in my body were up there with the strongest I have experienced, and Vikki channeled guided. Healing deep within my lower chakras to pull forward what needed to be released. As she worked on these lower chakras I was given consecutive imagery of things , moments, conversations, emotions in my mind's eye.. lightning fast and one after the other. It was at the conclusion of the Healing I realised these were all deeply embedded emotional and traumatic experiences from my lifetime and childhood that had not quite been processed and released but by having these pulled from my deep subconcious and memory body they were acknowledged and released in a flash. I felt very light of heart after the session and a beautiful sense of calm. Vikki's Healing was a "kaleidoscope" of beautiful sensations and Healing energy flowing through me, as well as sensing her Healing Team being with me along with my guides. Vikki has a very humble view on her gift and honours the work that she channels through. You do not necessarily have to see your self as a spiritual person to benefit from or enjoy the experience you will get from a session with Vikki. I strongly recommend her Healings to anyone who is considering booking one it!