I have had many healings with Vikki and every one of them has had a tremendous impact on my life. My first healing was just opening myself up to this whole different way of life – energy healing, which didn't make much sense at the time but by staying open minded life started to make sense to me.


Vikki helped me to forgive myself for all the things I was holding on too.  My childhood wasn’t the best so I was hanging on to a lot of stuff.  It took some time and many tears to work through all the baggage I was carrying around.


During another healing Vikki guided me through a past life regression, which helped me to clear a lot of fears I had and understand why I was doing certain things in this my current life. 


Towards the end of my 2nd pregnancy, I was not feeling myself, so much was going on for me and I felt very overwhelmed with my pregnancy, I had a strong sense that I need to have another healing with Vikki.  During the healing I was trying to see and feel the magic that I normally felt during a healing, but it felt like nothing was working all I had was this intense pain in my neck and shoulders which just kept getting stronger and stronger.  I kept thinking to myself I just want it to go away and then poof it was gone - thank goodness.  Vikki said it was some pretty heavy stuff I was hanging on too.


At the end of my healing Vikki placed her hands on my feet and called me back.  I felt myself being pulled into my body and in that instance, I realised that I had been living the past couple of stressful months outside of my body, as a way to protect myself – something I use to do as a child.  I started to feel a familiar feeling in my feet and realised that they felt cold again.  I started to cry uncontrollably, my feet have always been cold and they hadn’t felt cold in a while.  I was so happy to feel like me again.   


I felt the healing magic again.  I don’t know where I had been during that dark time, but it felt so good to be back.


Fast forward a couple of weeks, I was totally present throughout the birth and I was able to have my son without any pain relief.  His birth was at the height of COVID-19 and lock down and because I felt so great within myself, I knew I had the strength to get through whatever was put in front of me. 


I feel like words alone cannot express how grateful I am to Vikki and all she has done for me.  ❤️


Along with my husband and two boys we are now creating a life filled with love, happiness, gratitude and a deep appreciation of family and life.  ❤️


Chakra & Body Balance, Past Life Regression & Forensic Healing

Going through my Pregnancy I had significant issues with my lower back, hips and sacrum. I had been to see several Practitioners; physiotherapists, massage and acupuncturists, all to no avail, the pain would not subside.


After just one healing session with Vikki my pain was significantly dissipated. It has now been one week since my healing session and the intense pain I was feeling previously has not returned.


I would recommend a healing session with this powerful woman to anyone I know, but especially those who are going through pregnancy.


I feel deeply that the negative energy I was harbouring in my body is gone for good and will allow me to birth my little one with a lot more peace.


Thank you Vikki.


Chakra & Body Balance & Forensic Healing

I appreciated Vikki's non judgemental, direct and down to earth approach during our session together.

Blockages and strengths Vikki brought to my attention have been central in my personal development, allowing me to approach my own self understanding and interpersonal relationships with a higher level of insight and awareness.

I Highly recommend and trust Vikki and her work.


Chakra & Body Balance

Vikki has been such an amazing blessing.

Her healing and guidance has been amazing and I’ve already seen such huge shifts within myself since my first session with Vikki.

Highly recommend.


Chakra & Body Balance, Forensic Healing

Hi Vikki, I wanted to share my post healing session shifts with you.

I had my session with you on Saturday afternoon. Within 24hrs I was already acting spontaneously to create more fun in my life.

I feel lighter and so much calmer. I have had a work colleague comment on how passive I am this week.

I have also been consciously holding my own vibration when people around me are acting out (irritably and reactively etc).

I feel really good and I have been consciously grounding myself in Mother Earth and also consciously playing in feeling the unconditional love I have for children and pet. 


Remembering the advice you gave me.

I love that our paths aligned for me to have a healing with you.


After my recharge with you I am now actively choosing who & what I am spending time with.

I will definitely be back.

Thank you for being so gentle and kind to me



Chakra & Body Balance

"An Angel on earth. This service is a NECESSARY not a luxury. Vikki Mackereth will cleanse your soul with powerful guiding light. 


As an ongoing client I am blown away how each session can be so different yet have such amazing revelations and feel so balanced, grounded and aligned. 

From the depths of my heart thank you Vikki Mackereth for your guidance, wisdom and insight."


Chakra & Body Balance, Forensic Healing

"Fantastic healing sessions with Vikki. I felt completely safe to explore the emotions and experiences that came up without judgement in a compassionate and supportive environment.


Vikki is wonderful - highly recommend!"


Chakra & Body Balance

"I had the most amazing healing with Vikki. Her warmth, empathy and her way of guiding me through the healing was absolutely amazing. 

It really helped me to heal and feel very connected to my Mum who is in spirit and give me guidance in so many aspects of my life. It was very comforting and completely life changing for me.


Thank you so much Vikki, you have a precious gift. I highly recommend a session with Vikki."


Chakra & Body Balance

"I have suffered from anxiety for almost 20years now and over the past 12months it has been especially tough for me. The panic attacks were occurring nearly every week and lasting for several days. I had become so scared of having an attack that I found it near impossible to leave the house.


Vikki, from Seed of Life Wellness Centre, offered to do a Chakra and Body Balance on me as she felt that part of the reason why I was having so many panic attacks was because my Chakras (energy centres) were shutting down. 


During the healing I experienced what I can only explain as, energy moving through me, which felt weird but so good all at the same time.

Since the healing, I am feeling very calm and more in control of my thoughts and feelings. If I do start to feel a little out of sorts, I apply an essential oil blend that Vikki made up for me which I feel is also a contributing factor to me feeling so much better than I did a week ago.


A couple of days after the healing I made a spontaneous decision to catch the train into the city and go to the EKKA. On People’s Day with my husband and four kids – it was my first time to the EKKA. A part from a couple of moments of that feeling creeping in, which I was able to quickly get under control, I would have to say I had the best time ever.


I now feel as though I can start to live again and enjoy my life with my family and friends the way life was intended to be. I am looking forward to doing more spontaneous activities, that in the past were simply not do-able for me.

Thank you, Vikki for helping me to get my life back."


Chakra & Body Balance

"I myself am an energy healer and have experienced many shared Healings along with my own Self Healings I do regularly, however I wanted to identify and work through some blockages I had which were on a deeply subconscious level and could not quite put my finger on what needed to shift. 


I had heard of the great work Vikki does with her Healings and took the opportunity to book in a session.......WOW!!! The sensations I felt not only in my chakras but also the zoned meridians in my body were up there with the strongest I have experienced, and Vikki channelled guided Healing deep within my lower chakras to pull forward what needed to be released. As she worked on these lower chakras, I was given consecutive imagery of things, moments, conversations, emotions in my mind's eye, lightning fast and one after the other. 


It was at the conclusion of the Healing I realised these were all deeply embedded emotional and traumatic experiences from my lifetime and childhood that had not quite been processed and released but by having these pulled from my deep subconscious and memory body they were acknowledged and released in a flash. 


I felt very light of heart after the session and a beautiful sense of calm. Vikki's Healing was a "kaleidoscope" of beautiful sensations and Healing energy flowing through me, as well as sensing her Healing Team being with me along with my guides. 


Vikki has a very humble view on her gift and honours the work that she channels through. You do not necessarily have to see yourself as a spiritual person to benefit from or enjoy the experience you will get from a session with Vikki. 


I strongly recommend her Healings to anyone who is considering booking one it!"


Chakra & Body Balance

"I loved my first session with Vikki & will most certainly be going back. I left feeling as light as a feather with not a care in the world. My heart is full."


Chakra & Body Balance

"Oh my gosh. What an experience. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from Vikki’s healing as I’ve never tried anything like this before. Honestly - wow. Just... Wow!!


The energy that comes off Vikki while she’s performing her healing is phenomenal! She is so amazing. I had such a wonderful experience that I immediately rang my sister and told her to book in a chakra healing as well.


If you’re feeling a bit iffy or nervous about having a healing done, you needn’t be worried. Vikki is awesome at making you feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to accept the healing. I would do this again in a heartbeat.  If I could give it 10 stars out of 5 I would."


 Chakra & Body Balance

"Thank you, Vikki, for my intuitive healing. Vikki has a unique and special gift. I was drawn to her after meeting her at a Chakra Balancing workshop with Essential Oils.


I rocked up not “knowing” what I was there to heal, but feeling there was a little piece of something within me that wasn't aligning or connecting.

In a safe and sacred place Vikki gently and graciously used Essential Oils, crystals and her sixth sense to open and support my heart and head to reconnect and invite the healing and growth process to begin. 


I noticed immediately after my consultation subconscious and energy blocks dispersed - and I felt so relaxed and confident in resetting my patterns to create, invite and enjoy all experiences of my life.


I have since gone from feeling frustrated and “stuck” to gaining massive momentum in all areas of my life. 


Thank you again Vikki for sharing yourself and your gift with me!


Chakra & Body Balance

Where do I begin......


I first meet Vikki when she held a Wednesday Meet Up and fell in love with her energy. She felt calming kind and so spiritually intuitive!


It took me a little while to have my first healing but since then I haven’t looked back. I see Vikki around every 8 weeks and my spiritual and emotional strength grows, she’s a teacher, healer and beautiful friend.


I cannot wait for my past life this week.


Chakra & Body Balance and Forensic Healing

I had a healing with Vikki at a time when I was physically exhausted and experiencing strange neurological symptoms. Emotionally and psychologically I was in very low place; finding myself asking: “Why am I even here?” Although she was unaware of the depth of my despondency before the healing, during the healing she explained that she felt/heard/recognised that the first thing I needed to work out was if I wanted to live or die. It was very confirming for me to hear Vikki tell me that and allowed me to work through to the answer rather than being so stuck. Obviously, I decided to stay but more than that I decided to focus on well-being rather than illness. It has been nearly two years since that healing, and my physical, psychological and spiritual health and well-being have all significantly improved.

Thanks, Vikki, for your care and guidance.


Chakra & Body Balance, Distant Healing and Forensic Healing

The benefits of the Past Life Regeneration and Chakra Balance are amazing. I left feeling like I could take on the world again.  


Vikki was a strong healing presence throughout and a wondrous guide to the past.

I went in sceptical and came out a full believer- just amazing


Chakra & Body Balance and Past Life Regression

Before my healing I was in a very dark place and I had lost myself as a person and my mum had suggested for me to go to Vikki for a healing. 

At first, I wasn’t sure if it would work but I still wanted to give it a go.  During my healing I felt waves of energy releasing from my body and I felt very relaxed.  After my healing I realised what I needed to work on and it helped me to understand my situation more.  

So far, I have had two healings and they have both benefited me in a good way.  I would definitely go back for another healing if I ever felt as if I needed another one. 


If I didn’t get Vikki’s help, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now and I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


Teenagers Healing

Chakra & Body Balance and Forensic Healing

Thank you, Vikki, for giving me such a wonderful experience with my Chakra & Body Balance and Past Life Regression. 


Your divine space and energy provides’ a caring, supportive, safe, and loving place that enabled me to fully trust and engage with the experience. 


I have gained a greater understanding of my journey and path as a result of our time together. I would recommend and encourage anyone to experience your gift.


Chakra & Body Balance, Past Life Regression and Forensic Healing

I would love to share with you all my incredible distant healing experience with Vikki. I have fractured my spine so was unable to travel so Vikki phoned me and asked if I would be up for a distant healing, unsure of what to expect except that I probably would not get a great deal out of it but more than happy to oblige.

Well let me tell you how wrong I was...

Vikki over the phone asked me to get the diffuser set up with the particular oils she had chosen and she did exactly the same at her place, she then explained to me to lay on my bed and just relax and she would text me when she was done, we hung up our phones and I did exactly what she wanted me to do. 


I lay there feeling very content then thought really hard about Vikki and how awesome she is and I cannot even begin to explain how I felt, it was like she was literally inside my body and I felt so, so many emotions overpowering me I have never experienced something so powerful in my whole entire life. 


I was a blanket of sweat, thoughts moving all through me ...then it was broken by someone calling out to me and I sat up(really cranky that the person who called me had ruined my healing that I thought had only been going for 10 mins) looking at the clock it was 11:48 I was immediately blown away as it had been 50 mins into my healing. 

I sat there collected myself and went to have a shower and Vikki texted saying she was finished.  When I phoned Vikki that afternoon, we were discussing the whole session when she mentioned to me that something felt disconnected at 11:48 I just felt more incredibly powerful as that was when I got disturbed. 


I can honestly say that since the healing I feel so aligned with everything my whole body seems to be so switched on its just unexplainable.  I cannot stress enough as to how powerful and real a healing with Vikki is and I cannot wait for my next healing. If you aren't able to get to Vikki give a distant healing a go.  


The only thing, I recommend is that you do your best not to be interrupted such a truly amazing experience. Love, love, love it. 


Chakra & Body Balance, Past Life Regression and Forensic Healing

Vikki, I just want to say Thank you for the energy healing last night. I was feeling very anxious, down and heavy hearted. After my session with you and with the use of those amazing doTerra oils and crystals, I feel so much better. 


The best night sleep I have ever had last night. I woke up excited about the day and spending some time on myself - even if it was cleaning the house. I enjoyed it. 


This is just one of the many healings you have given me Vikki and I am so very grateful - you have helped me at various times in my life that my energy and attitude to life needed some fine tuning.  Thank you, my beautiful friend. 


I totally recommend Vikki from Seed of Life Wellness Centre to anyone that needs some clearing and movement of energy to help move them forward instead of backwards.


Chakra & Body Balance

I was feeling a bit lost and needed some clarity and guidance around some aspects of my life. 


After my PLR and healing so many questions were answered and I finally felt things falling into place! 


Vikki made me feel so calm and safe. I would highly recommend it to everyone.


Chakra & Body Balance

Thank you for my beautiful and powerful healing Vikki!! You are incredible! I could feel the high energies that you were working with during my healing and your messages and insight afterwards were spot on! 


Chakra & Body Balance

For quite some time I felt that pieces to my life’s puzzle were missing; it felt like my spirit was going around in circles. Vikki’s hands firstly released areas that were stuck then realigned my energy centres. She then gently guided me through not one, but two past life regressions. 


At the end of the healings she spoke of “seeing and smelling a strongly scented mauve rose” in my heart and a rainbow heading back to town. 

She suggested that I may need a follow-up. Well … two days later I did need that follow-up! This time the clearing and re-grounding was conducted barefoot beneath two very old trees. Vikki guided me to a place where I reconnected with my spirit guide/s. It was a very humbling and powerful experience. 


In my mind’s eye I saw a very young me and a flame relit in my heart. I felt complete at last! As I opened my eyes a whirly wind swept across the paddock swirling cane trash into the air… this was followed shortly after by another two - each much stronger than the last. It was truly one of those goose bump moments!

In reflection … The rose Vikki “saw” was planted last year and grows outside our bedroom window. It is mauve and has the most beautiful smell. The rainbow – my right kidney is with my husband, it also needed healing.

The parts of my spirit that felt lost and abandoned are now reconnected and flaming passionately in my heart. I am so much happier within myself and my eye gaze is on the future; cannot Thank you enough Vikki xxx


Chakra & Body Balance

Vikki has played a profound role in my healing journey. 


Vikki is a beautiful soul; her warm and caring nature makes you feel so welcome and at ease and she has the most beautiful healing room with doTERRA Oils which helps awaken the senses and adds another beautiful element to the healing session. 


I am so grateful for all of the guidance Vikki has shared with me and all of the wisdom she has helped me tap into. 


I, 100% recommend Seed of Life Wellness Centre to anyone wishing to heal and release core wounds and live their best life!

Thank-you so much Vikki, you truly are an Angel xo


Chakra & Body Balance, Past Life Regression and Forensic Healing

Vikki is AMAZING. Highly, highly recommend her. I have had several energy healings and a past life regression and they have all been so powerful. She has changed my life. 

Vikki has a beautiful nature and is so warm and kind you will always feel at ease. Her connection with spirit is undeniable and she is the real deal. A true authentic healer who is always of service. You won't be disappointed.


Chakra & Body Balance

Vikki is an amazing healer. From the second I met her; I knew she was good for my soul.  I have had 3 healings at her practice and 2 distant healings while living in Melbourne. They were all life changing and I felt a shift every single time. Her use of oils creates a beautiful relaxing atmosphere and peaceful setting. 


I would highly recommend Vikki to anybody. 


Bless you Vikki 


Chakra & Body Balance, Distant Healing and Forensic Healing