Space Clearing

Smudging, now commonly known as Space Clearing, is the age-old practice of burning herbs (in particular white sage) to rid yourself, your home or office of stagnant and negative energy.

Most people do not realise that their environment can be filled with negative energy which arises from arguments, stressful situations and negative people.

On some occasions the energy may not even belong to you, yet it remains. It may be from past owners, tenants, employees or employers creating this negative energy disturbance.

Have you ever walked into a room and something just doesn’t feel right? The energy in the room feels thick, heavy or even creepy. No, you are not going crazy it just means you are intuitively picking up on the negative energy in the room, from a time and event that happened in the past. What smudging does is move the energy on.

This process is handled with a sense of caution and a lot of compassion, love and understanding.

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