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To help your Spiritual Journey to Self-awareness, I am offering a free gift during October.

For every purchase of Joyful Abundance cards, you will receive a free copy of A Grateful Heart.



Joyful Abundance Cards

Open your world to a fresh flow of abundance with these manifesting cards. Use them daily to amplify the wealth, worthiness and wellness in your life and transform

your inner beliefs into positive, purposeful ones. 


Each card is a joyous portal into a new way of being; a mantra that connects you to the infinite flow of goodness in the universe. Use them often and watch your life flourish.

A Grateful Heart

Your Personal path to becoming a magnet for miracles.


Your personal path to becoming a magnet for miracles. A grateful heart is filled with simple, timeless wisdom and practical principles for understanding the power of gratitude. Become a magnet for miracles.

*Terms and conditions apply. 1 x copy of 'A Grateful Heart' with every one (1) purchase of Joyful Abundance cards. Offer valid 30 September 2020 until 12 October 2020.

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