Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


Col Mackereth is a captivating and motivating writer, with a light-hearted sense of humour.  His unique and authentic balance of enlightening and stimulating storytelling draws from vast personal experience and will keep the reader entertained for hours. 


After sustaining a spinal injury at the age of 18, Col fought tooth and nail to regain his place in society and ultimately laughed his way through life ... proving that tragedy doesn't define you.  He is brillant ranconteur, who engages the reader to read not only with their eyes, but also with their hearts.  Enjoy.

  • Specifications

    Author: Col Mackereth


    Available: Paperback

    ISBN: 978-0-6488138-2-8

    Dimensions: 229mm x 152mm x 12mm

    Page Count: 208

    Published: 17th April 2020

    Weight: 333g

    Category: Personal Development