Secret Lives of Teen Girls

Secret Lives of Teen Girls


The Secret Lives of Teen Girls, Evelyn Resh, the mother of a teenage daughter and a certified nurse-midwife specialising in the treatment of teenage girls, explores the mysterious world of female, adolescent sexuality and how parents — especially mothers — can help their daughters through this tumultuous time. 


Secrets divulged by teenage girls during consultation have made Resh realise that, with rare exception, most adolescents are left to develop a sexual identity without any adult guidance and often without the most basic knowledge of what is happening to them physically and emotionally. 


She also realized that many girls are frequently subject to criticism and shaming about their normal, adolescent behaviour. Resh believes these issues are what underlie many of the problem’s teens face during this crucial step into becoming a fully developed adult woman capable of making good, sound, safe, and independent decisions throughout life.

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    Author: Evelyn Resh

    Publisher: Hay House

    Available: Paperback

    ISBN: 9781401922788

    Publish Date: February 2010

    Page Count: 236

    Dimensions: 212x136x12mm

    Weight: 300g

    Category: Parents/Teens