Healings for Children

We at Seed of Life Wellness Centre offer healings specifically formulated for children aged between 5-12 years old.

Energy healing works with the energy fields around the body and assist in the overall wellbeing of the person receiving the healing. During the healing they may experience feeling warm, seeing swirling colours as well as having visions throughout the healing, these are all signs of energies, within the energetic field, being altered and unblocked.


An energy healing works best when the person’s higher self (soul) gives permission for the healer to work with them for their highest good (i.e. they make the decision to book an appointment.) 


An experienced energy healer recognises that often the cause of external physical distress comes from internal emotional fears or imbalances. More often than not, children experience major changes in their lives which some may be ill-equipped to handle, understand, or unable to verbally express. When this happens, these thoughts and imbalances may become stuck within the body and emotional problems are left to play out over in their minds, thus creating issues within their daily lives. Energy healing changes the energy field so that emotional conflicts are settled, enabling peace of mind and healing to occur.

Energy healing works on the subconscious level and so as not to overwhelm your child with reasons, causes and mind -boggling analysis around having an energy healing, we ask them to lie on the healing table and receive a healing.  This likens to listening to relaxing music and diffusing essential oils.

Most children intuitively understand what 'energy' is and will gladly try energy healing. If they drift-off to sleep – which most children do, this is a sign that the healing is working to settle issues at the root cause or spiritual subconscious level.  After the healing you will find that your child becomes more self-aware 'naturally' and is then better equipped to share problems and work through them – it will seem like something magical has happened.

Common issues that children confront can be as diverse as:

  • Parental or family breakdown

  • Asthma, eczema and other allergies

  • Bullying

  • Learning difficulties

  • Responses to change

  • Sibling rivalry

  • Bed-wetting

  • Sleep disturbances

An energy healing can also be used for preventative purposes. Your child could currently be enduring one of the listed problems/changes and appears to be coping with the change, however, an energy healing can help improve their ability to adapt, self-nurture and to recognise the signs when they may need assistance now, or later in life. This is particularly relevant for those children that may not outwardly express or portray their emotions when under pressure. 

Vikki Mackereth, of Seed of Life Wellness Centre, is a Chakra & Body Balance practitioner and a certified Reiki healer. As a mother of three and grandmother of seven, she is well aware of the pressures that young children confront today and fondly extends her healing practice to children.


At the beginning of the healing session, Vikki has a chat to the parent or guardian and will also brief them again afterwards. Parents of young children are also allowed to be present during the actual session, if this is requested or seen to be of healing benefit. 

Generally, a Chakra & Body Balance does not include counselling, but as imbalances become known, counselling may be advised as part of another or subsequent session.

After a session your child will generally be more relaxed and feel more settled and/or understood.  Everyone responds differently to an energy healing; you are likely to notice an improvement in your child's coping mechanisms and they should enjoy improved sleep. In some cases, any physical issues (e.g. asthma, eczema) usually subside as well.

*Current Blue Card holder for working with children.