Forensic Healings

Forensic Healing is an award-winning natural therapy system. Your current state of health and happiness is the direct

result of your past experiences and past lives stored in your cells, DNA, and energy fields.  


If you have ever experienced major stress, trauma or abuse in your life,  your body will be responding through energy

imbalances such as pain, stress, anxiety, grief, tiredness, fear, hurt, low self-worth, and relationship problems.


Forensic Healing uses a detailed protocol and a muscle testing technique to read your energy field and identify negative emotions, negative life patterns and negative belief systems that no longer serve you.  These are then released through different healing pathways, freeing you from physical, emotional and spiritual trauma.


Forensic Healing helps you to move forward into your best life.  It addresses conditions like Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Pain, Childhood trauma, Emotionally destructive relationships, Fears, Phobias, Physical pain and more.


When you have a Forensic Healing you will experience a complete energy detox and an energy spring clean!  Life will never be the same.

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